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Master Craftsman Service: Installs, Repairs & Refinishing

Tricolor Flooring provides unsurpassed craftsmanship for all your flooring needs in the Tampa Bay Area by using old-world skills.

Tricolor Floor installation includes a sub-floor preparation

Tricolor Floor installation includes a sub-floor preparation to ensure the new floor has stable foundation

Our Tampa’s Best Master Craftsman Services for Quality Floor Installation
Tricolor Flooring is skilled for all your flooring needs.
We apply our Master Craftsman Services to large variety of different flooring products whether they were purchased at our showroom or elsewhere.

Tricolor Flooring Installation Services are based a Complete Package Price that includes the following:

  • Sales consultation and guidance to the selection the right flooring
  • Free measurement of the flooring area(s)
  • Free estimate of a Complete Package Price for all the work that is at a cost saving
  • Free flooring and construction material delivery to job site
  • Design and Layout planning¬† for your new floor(s)
  • Moving of furniture to clear the work area
  • Removal of old flooring or carpeting
  • Sub-floor preparation
  • Perform meticulously installation
  • Clean-up work area
  • Final walk through with you on the finished installation

Tricolor Flooring installs their quality flooring in the Tampa Bay area, which includes the following counties: Hillsborough,  Pinellas, Manatee, Hardee, Polk and Pasco.

Our 2 year warranty is unconditional guarantees all your installations perform by us to be defect free of installation related issues or problems. In addition, this 2 year warranty also will handle the manufacturer’s warranty on your behalf due to flooring material defects and failures after installation.

Please call us whenever you need any type of service for your flooring (installation, repair or refinishing). We provide free consultation about your current flooring. Please visit our website devoted services at www.TricolorFlooring.com

Tricolor Flooring's single Complete Package Price covers the whole job without any extra or hidden costs for one room or the entire building.

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