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Bundled Pricing: Quality Flooring plus Best Install

Extra Giant Saving — when you buy quality flooring from us and have us install it to your specifications — we call this a double-quality job.

We use the best craftsmanship in the Tampa Bay area to design and install quality floors.
Great wood flooring makes the room

Great looking wood flooring makes the room appear spacious and elegant

Complete Package Pricing

Tricolor Flooring Showroom offers a Complete Package Pricing to allow you to save money on high-end quality flooring and our superior installation. You choose in our showroom or shop at home from samples of our premium or quality flooring with our guidance and recommendations based your decor plans and what you want. We can assist you for all your flooring needs for your entire house.

Tricolor Flooring Installation is integral to our Complete Package Pricing

There is nothing worst than purchasing high-end quality flooring and having an amateur install it with poor workmanship and shoddy construction. Our beautiful high-end quality flooring demands high-quality installation with the craftsmanship it deserves. Tricolor Flooring offers  Complete Package Pricing that solves this problem with what we call a double-quality job. With a double-quality job, we marry high-end quality flooring with the old-world Master Craftsman installation for superior results of a flawless construction of floors and floor designs that are a work-of-art.

Our installations includes all the materials, labor and sub-flooring preparation. Your floor is installed to your complete satisfaction with our 2 year warranty.  We can also implement a designer patterns, borders and medallions to your specifications. We do the complete job right the first time using our Complete Package Pricing. You pay a single price that includes all the flooring, construction materials and labor.

Tricolor Flooring is recognized in the Tampa Bay Area as the Master Craftsman for all your flooring needs. Our customers know we are meticulous and do as near perfect job as possible. We have over 20 years of international experience of installing all types of flooring, (including wood deck) with old-world craftsmanship and superior quality. We install flooring for: residential customers, new home construction, remodel houses, small shops, and all types of commercial buildings from small to very large. Our experience covers the full range of different job sites and clientele that vary from young people just starting in life to everyday hard working folk to retired seniors to business executives to movie stars.

Please call us at (813) 440-9899 to discuss how we can apply our Complete Package Pricing to a single room or an entire house. The more rooms you have the bigger the cost saving you will receive. It would our pleasure to visit your home and measure your floor areas and provide you with a estimate for the total cost of both materials and labor.

Tricolor Flooring's single Complete Package Price covers the whole job without any extra or hidden costs for one room or the entire building.

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