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Feeling Down About Those Stairs??

Ian Refinish Stairs

This is in a clients home where they wanted to replace the existing floors with another engineered hard wood and get the stairs along with the banisters/railings to match as well.  The home owners chose a fabulous exotic line flooring of a Brazilian Cherry….. Not a big deal right??  Wrong

The problem we ran into was the existing flooring throughout the home was all different woods and installed at all different half fast styles, leaving it impossible to just put a bandaide over.

The living areas had a natural maple engineered throughout, the stairs had a soft pine poorly installed and stained, then the banister along with the railings were of original oak – which just made no sense what the thought process was into this type installation.  Sometimes people make some bizarre flooring options but moving on…

How do you get all these types of wood flooring to match??

Well what we did was removed the living areas of the maple engineered, along with the tile at the entry…installed a Versini Palmero Exotic Brazilian Cherry floor which the specs are 5 inch wide planks – 1/2 inch thick.  We then decided to leave the existing pine treads on the stairs and put new treads of Brazilian Cherry along with custom matching stair bullnose.  We then sanded the banister and railings and put a stain upon the oak to match the new Brazilian Cherry.

At the end of the day, the cost was slightly more than anticipated for the homeowners but at least this time the job was done completely, thoroughly, and correctly!  The home feels very warm when you enter and has an awesome flow from room to room and up the staircase.

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