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Quality Carpeting Installed at Irresistible Prices

We buy high quality carpeting directly from manufacturers and wholesales to get the best carpet saving possible

We provide you with a Complete Package Price that include carpeting, all construction materials and our expertly installation at unbeatable prices.
Bedroom carpeting that is durable

Bedroom carpeting that is durable and fit the decor

Carpeting at Irresistible Prices to Match your Decor

Finding the right carpeting to complement a room and add to its beauty can be daunting and a difficult task by yourself. So why do it by yourself, when there is Tricolor Flooring available to help you. We can offer you guidance, recommendations and answer your questions.

It all part of our free sales consultation to help you select the right carpeting and flooring for you. We can assist you with the large variety of luxurious styles and patterns and colors to match your current or future your furnishings and decor of the room you want to improve. We will work with you to get that particular quality carpeting that is right for you at the best price possible and installed the right way with no shortcuts.

Tricolor Flooring Showroom looks forward to serving you by help your with all flooring needs and discussing new room idea and design recommendations to create that special interior space you will treasure. Call (us 813) 645-1201 to setup an appointment to review are samples and get free consultation. We will be glad to help you.

Tricolor Flooring's single Complete Package Price covers the whole job without any extra or hidden costs for one room or the entire building.

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